EOR AlphaZyme Lift WB-115 Explained

The problem of paraffin deposition is one of long standing in the oil industry.' Crude oils often contain paraffins which precipitate and adhere to the liner, tubing, sucker rods and surface equipment as the temperature of the producing stream decreases in the normal course of flowing, gas lifting or pumping. Heavy paraffin deposits are undesirable because they reduce the effective size of the flow conduits and restrict the production rate from the well. Where severe paraffin deposition occurs, removal of the deposits by mechanical, thermal or other means is required, resulting in costly down time and increased operating costs.


The troublesome paraffins are normal hydrocarbons ranging from approximately C(18)H(38) to C(38)H(78) mixed with small amounts of branched paraffins, monocyclic paraffins, polycyclic paraffins and aromatics. The amount of paraffins found in crude oils varies from less than 1 to more than 30 per cent.


Complus Trading North America LLC,  offers multiple Nano products to help increase and sustain well production for well struggling with paraffin build up down hole.

AlphaLift WB-115 helps pry paraffin off the tubing, pump and screens, allowing oil to flow unrestricted by paraffin build up.  Our special particles will remain attached in the tubing as long as it is continuously pumped. This helps keep production numbers at their highest.

Our AlphaLift WB-115. It is a water base nano with surfactant used in down hole & pipeline applications for oil only pipelines as well as oil, water, and Gas pipelines. The treatment rates are generally 250 to 500 ppm. Methanol can be added for freeze protection of the product.

This product can be used as a pipeline friction reducer due to its physical characteristic.

Available in totes and drums.


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