Oil & Gas Trading, EOR and Bioremediation, MPR Water treatment, EPC Industrial

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What we Do

Complus Systems Groups trades Oil & Gas downstream products, petrochemical products (PP, HDPE and LDPE), industrial equipment for Oil & Gas upstream and downstream operations as well as various chemicals for oilfields. Furthermore Complus Systems Group produces (in USA) EOR Enhanced Oil Recovery products based on enzymes and state of the art technology nano-particles. In addition we also produce and sell a complete line of products for Bioremediation of soil and water polluted by hydrocarbons. At last, but not least we also trade innovative industrial equipment, based on cavitation, to treat waste water.

EOR and Bioremediation

Design and Production of EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) products based on engineered enzymes and state of the art nanotechnology.

MPR  Water Treatment

Threatment of wastewater, upstream produced water and desalinization with innovative MPR (Multi Phase Reactor) based on cavitation.

Trading + Oil & Gas

Thanks to long time relashionships with major downstream and upstream producers, we are able to trade Oil & Gas products. For any offer request, do not hesitate in contacting us at Contacts page. We will always try to satisfy any request.

EPC + Industrial

We have spent years crafting a sophisticated enterprise with skilled teams and capabilities that allow us to take care of our customers’ complete needs, at any and every point in the life-cycle of their oil and natural gas facilities..

Our Business Divisions

Complus Systems Group focuses on mainly eight business divisions: Trading of Oil & Gas products as well as Energy Saving Products, Petrochemical products, Chemical products production and sale, Innovation Technology, Industrial Equipment for Oil & Gas, Waste water treatment and Business Services.


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