Complus Systems East Europe

Vabaõhumuuseumi tee 5/2-15, 13522 Tallinn, ESTONIA

Phone: +372 602 7986
Fax: +372 6603017
Email: info@complusystems.com
Web: www.complusystems.com

Complus Systems West Europe

Via Lavoratori Autobianchi 1, Building 9

20832 Desio (MB), ITALY

Phone: +39 02 8719 9397
Fax: +39 02 5656 3230
Email: info@complusystems.com
Web: www.complusystems.com

Complus Trading North America LLC

5151 Katy Freeway, Suite 140, Houston,

Texas 77007, USA

Phone: +1 (830) 200 5119
Email: info@complustrading.com
Web: www.complustrading.com


Complus Systems

Complus Systems Group, a private trading and manufacturing company founded in 2006, with headquarters in Tallinn (Estonia), Milan (Italy) and North America (Texas, USA), mainly focuses on eight business divisions: trading of oil and gas products , as well as Energy saving products, petrochemical products (HDPE, LDPE and PP), production and sale of chemical products (EOR products for advanced oil recovery and products for the bioremediation of water and soil contaminated by hydrocarbons), technological innovation, industrial equipment for oil and gas, wastewater treatment and business services.