EOR AlphaZyme D-400PB/D-409PB Explained

AlphaZyme D400PB High Temperature is a microemulsion/ nano particle product designed and formulated with co-solvents and surfactants to enhance the removal of polymers fluids and improving water floods by reducing surface tension, breaking down PHPA and changing producing rock from oil wet to water wet. This product also has an oil enhancing enzyme built to release oil imbibed in the rock (just like AlphaZyme D-300).

AlphaZyme D400 PB High Temperature delivers superior water wetting characteristics in both carbonate and sandstone reservoirs.  The result is a more efficient stimulation, with residual wetting, that enhances the performance and life of an oil or gas well and its longevity.

Video - How AlphaZyme D-400PB works


The AlphaZyme D400 PB (Polymer Breaker) High Temperature is a product developed to break up polymer damage in formations. This damage can be caused by previous water flood applications of polymer and also frac damage caused by polymer. AlphaZyme D400 PB ( polymer breaker) is a special nano surfactant with added nano particles. This product is effective in all API levels.

AlphaZyme D409 PB is effective for API gravity values between 9 a 24, while AlphaZyme D400 PB is effective for API gravity values over 24.




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