Our Customers

Our Customers

Complus Systems Group has key focus of service related to SOE (State Owned Enterprises), quasi parastatal corporations and certain pre- qualified private commercial buyers. The key focus and requirements that Complus Systems Group looks for with clients are their experience in “corporate” trade market setting. It is the belief at Complus Systems Group that one must have a working knowledge and experience within the field to properly manage the requirements of trade. At present most of the clientele currently engaged with Complus Systems Group are SOE Firms acting on behalf of their respective governments. The private sector clientele is for better part “ex industry veterans” that have knowledge and active trade experiences in their respective fields of operations.

Clientele qualifications are simple and straightforward; all that is required to start the ball rolling is that the client must issue their intent to purchase; from there Complus Systems Group will engage its standard KYC and DD Process.


26 October 2019


Our Customers

About Complus Systems

Complus Systems Group, an independent company founded on 2006, based in Tallinn, Estonia and Milan, Italy, focuses on physical commodities in energy, natural resources as well as energy saving products and innovation technologies. Our global relationships enable us to offer our top quality products and services to qualified clients and counterparties. Complus Systems Group is a company whose business model is rooted in a similar historical base with companies such as Italy’s ones (company owners are Italians), but with a clear 21st century vision as to how the changing technological and financial demands in our global society have altered the economic and political landscape to create unique opportunities.