Corporate Methodology

Corporate Methodology

The trading of commodities has been in existence since time immemorial. From the earliest recorded history, Europe has been conducting commercial trade with its neighboring countries and has continued to expand on a global basis.

The trading of commodities has flourished over the centuries to become a global economic linchpin and a barometer for economic climates that can influence interest rates, currency values, governmental policies, and political conflicts.

At COMPLUS SYSTEMS the approach to trading of commodities is transparent and non-complicated. We progress each deal into the banking system as early as possible. This offers to Buyers the comforts that their transaction will be managed within compliance and regulations of banking systems for a smooth effortless closing.


26 October 2019


Corporate Methodology

About Complus Systems

Complus Systems Group, an independent company founded on 2006, based in Tallinn, Estonia and Milan, Italy, focuses on physical commodities in energy, natural resources as well as energy saving products and innovation technologies. Our global relationships enable us to offer our top quality products and services to qualified clients and counterparties. Complus Systems Group is a company whose business model is rooted in a similar historical base with companies such as Italy’s ones (company owners are Italians), but with a clear 21st century vision as to how the changing technological and financial demands in our global society have altered the economic and political landscape to create unique opportunities.